Alejo Vidal-Quadras, Vice-President of the European Parliament, met Dr Rafe al-Refaei, the Grand Mufti of Iraqi Sunnis ,18 February in Brussels who is currently in Belgium. Vidal-Quadras expressed his deep condolences for the tragic death of the brother of Dr al-Refaei during the blind bombardment of the residential areas of the city of Fallujah four days ago by Prime Minister Maliki’s forces and emphasized the support of European lawmakers for the democratic movement in Iraq saying: "after 8 years of pain and suffering, now is the time to end Maliki’s dictatorship." Dr al-Refaei thanked the Vice-President for his support and explained the crimes against humanity committed by the Iraqi Government, especially the mass executions, and said: "Maliki is able to commit such crimes with the backing of the Iranian regime and it is really the Iranian Quds force which is ruling Iraq." Dr al-Refaei added: "Although the Sunnis are the target of a brutal ethnic cleansing, the Iraqi people as a whole including the Shias, Christians and other minorities are being severely repressed." The Grand Mufti of Iraq said “It is a Divine law and an ethical obligation to safeguard the safety and security of Iranian opposition PMOI members in Iraq. Any abuse which results to their suffering would strike a blow to our humanity. “ Mr Vidal-Quadras thanked Dr al-Refaei for his support for the Iranian refugees in Iraq and said that treatment of refugees is a serious benchmark for democracy.