Saturday, 29 June 2013
INU – According to the governmental news agency, Tasnim, today Ahmad Alam al-Hoda, member of the Assembly of Experts and one of the mullahs close to Ali Khamenei, said in a meeting with the regimes’ leaders of industry, mine and trade in the Khorasan Rizvi province: “The problem we have now is that the authorities do not have a unified opinion for the resolution of economic problems. In financial difficulties, they only point to the UN sanctions. Of course, we admit the negative effects of the sanctions, but this is not the main factor.”
Corruption and the looting of public funds by the clerical regime in Iran is a major cause of economic stagnation. The regime admits to the corruption. Alam al-Hoda added in his speech: “Due to the importance of production in government finance, the Supreme Leader has emphasized investment in production and creating equilibrium between production and consumption. But whatever suppose to gains are made reversed. Investment authorities have therefore switched their focus from production to trade.”
Mohammad-Jaafar Montazeri, head of the regime’s Administrative Justice Court also today announced a 12% spike in legal violations committed by government officials, already, in 2013, as compared to 2012. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s administration has been called “the law-dismissive administration.” Montazeri, speaking to reporters today, said, “Unfortunately, in the 10th administration, not only there was no decline in crime-fighting, but we faced the opposite: an increase in administrators who dispensed with the law.”