Fararu website wrote about the speech: “The statesmen gave the oil to someone to sell it. They could have at least given him one load of oil to sell and bring back the money to test him. They even gave him the oil money as well. This $2.6 billion is not all oil money. They gave him a huge amount of cash to go pay up our debts in various places and it is now learnt that all that money has been embezzled.”

The $2.6 billion corruption file that is known as the “biggest financial corruption” in Iran’s history started two years ago. The four main culprits of this dossier are connected to leaders in all three branches of government. 

Judge Saraj, Head of the General Inspection Organization of the country, stated on December 10, 2013, concerning this file: “This case started when this group bought a number of government factories. This group had hired influential people in all three branches of the government (the executive and the president, the judiciary and the legislative) so that if anything went wrong they could resolve it using the influence of these people and that is what they did.”

Last year, one of the state websites called Shafaf reported: “In addition to statesmen and the presidential institution, 16, or as some say 30, parliamentarians were involved in this file.”

According to the state-run ISNA website, during infighting between regime’s factions, Mullah Rouhani said on February 6th 2013: “We came across thefts that involved a very high figure; $2.6 billion that is almost one month’s income of the country and equals the total development budget of the nation for 2013.”