Iraj Hosami, President of the Association of northern Iran Tea Workers during an interview said the remaining payment from the local  purchase of green tea leaves guarantees is still unpaid. He added if the remaining payment of the claims is not paid by  the end of January and the cultivative necesseties is not given to the farmers they will not be able to prepare their fields for the coming season.

Hosami referring to the regimes unfulfilled promises said that if the problem persists  we will not have a trace of Iranian tea in the markets.

Monday Dec 30 2013

Taghi Dehghan President of the workers association of Mahtab Industries said that the workers in this factory with 17 years experience  are facing layoffs and losing their jobs. He added that the workers have not been paid for the past four and a half months, their insurance has not been paid for the past three months and their insurance cards have expired.