He specified that 7500 of the units are inactive and 2000 are only partially active, adding: “If we are to get these units going this year, so we need to take care of the problems of 50 units per day.”

Mehr News Agency reported that the loss of these industrial units is a significant contributor to Iran’s ongoing unemployment crisis. “The statistics show that 1.3 million people who were previously employed in the country have lost their jobs, for reasons including the shutdowns and balancing of the workforce,” Mehr reported in an article titled “Warning bell of unemployment in 10 groups of jobs: unemployment reached high-level jobs as well!”

The article continued: “In other words, because of shutdown of production units, drop in production, loss of market share to similar imported goods, layoffs, change in work conditions, etc., some workers are now unemployed whose jobs were previously considered quite secure,” Mehr wrote. 

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei acknowledged in his speech on the occasion of Iranian New Year in March that 60% of production units are either closed or function below capacity.