Although the official figures published by the regime are distorted and hard to be trusted, the figures indicate the fact that Iran under the Mullahs rule is facing a socioeconomic issue in women’s unemployment. a report on 31Mach2014 by the Statistical Center of Iran said.

Some 48 percent of Iranian women who are unemployed hold higher education certificates, the figure are about 14 percent among men. Women account for some 60 percent of university entrance applicants in Iran. Some 76 percent of the total unemployed people are between 15 and 29 years of age , report by the Iranian Regime News Agency 10March2014 (IRNA) 

According to Etemad Persian language daily, Persons aged 20-24 years are the most unemployed group in Iran with the unemployment rate of 29.8 percent. Women account for half of the country’s active working population, but they just hold a ten percent share in national economic activities