At least 3000 depositors of the Caspian Foundation gathered In Tehran, in front of Iranian President Rouhani’s office. The protesters chanted, “The state of moderation has emptied the pockets of people”, and, “Head of the central bank, deceiving people is enough”, also, “Iran has become thief house”, as well as, ”Our people are wary, they hate the liar”, they included, “Supporting the thieves is betrayal to the Quran”, and additionally, “Death to the thief “.

Simultaneously, staff of the regime’s aviation organization, whose deposits were used to build houses, gathered in front of the government building at Mehrabad airport in Tehran.

People blocked the Sa’at Square Street toward the University Square in Ahvaz. They chanted, “If our problem is not solved, Ahvaz will rise”. Police entered the square with armored vehicles to disperse the protesters.

Protesters gathered in front of the Mashhad city’s court and chanted, “Or Hojjat Ibn al-Hassan (12th Imam), uproot the oppression”, and, “This undeserved Seif must be executed.”

People protested in Shiraz, Ahvaz, Mashhad, Masjed Soleiman, Omidieh and Parsabad on Tuesday, the day before.

A financial expert of the regime, Ahmad Hatami Yazdi, responded to the massive rally, saying, ”Our future situation will be very severe,” adding, “Those who launched these institutions had a certain political power and a certain backing that could circumvent the law, not implement it, create branches without a license throughout Iran and take deposits from the people…”

Ghavamin’s institution, one of the first formed establishments, was affiliated with the police. The central bank would say that the police force must be closed to stop this.

According to the government news network on June 20th, “Mizan is affiliated to some of the Judiciary personnel in Mashhad. There are all kinds of power centers in the country that do not respect the law, they do not count the law an iota… They all are created with the inappropriate political support and continue to exist with the same protections. They hanged the Caspian sign over their heads as the judiciary supported it, but it is not unlikely that the banks would suffer this disaster in two or three years. Our future situation will be very severe.”

According to Economics News on May 20th, this government official admitted that “behind these financial and credit institutions there are great powers. Powers that can change the decisions of the monetary and credit council, if needed. “