Arman newspaper, affiliated with President Hassan Rouhani, wrote on December 23rd, “Currently, only the private-public companies are working. Thus, many job opportunities are destroyed and socially, a powder keg is created that threatens to explode at any moment.”

Many believe that the privatization process is the subject of widespread corruption. What Arman seems to be saying is that the private sector is out of business in Iran, and only the publicly subsidized and assisted companies continue to function.

Mahmoud Damadi, an Iranian MP, expressed his concerns about the economic situation and its eventual security implications, saying.

Another Iranian MP, Mohammad Hossein Farhangi, called the discontent among Iranians a “disruption to unity” and warned the Rouhani’s government about the persistent high inflation combined with high unemployment and stagnant demand in a country’s economy that makes cautiousness and economic reforms necessary.

One of Rouhani’s allies in the Iranian parliament, Mohammad Reza Tabesh, discussed the dangerous water and environment crises, and said that the water pipeline to Yazd has been destroyed 29 times. He claimed that the regime has been diverting water from Isfahan province to neighboring Yazd to fulfill the needs of the companies run by the Revolutionary Guards. Policies like this threaten Isfahan’s agriculture, and destroys the livelihoods of many farmers. The farmers of Isfahan have begun rupturing the water pipes after receiving no response to their queries from the government.

Conservative MP, Nasser Mousavi Largani, sai,: “The lies of officials like us have decreased the trust of people in government and the parliament.”

MP Ahmad Alirezabeigi asked about Total’s fine in France because of bribery, “Why is everything considered classified? Total came and left and what happened? Total’s contract wasn’t transparent. The total was recently fined 500 thousand Euros because of paying a $60 million bribe to win a contract in the South Pars Gas Field. What is going on? The bribing party is condemned in Europe and the U.S., Statoil company is condemned in the Crescent file in Norway, but here in the country the parties who received the bribes aren’t put on trial, punished or revealed.”

When he addressed the officials, Ali Bakhtiari, another MP, said,“Don’t give empty promises anymore.”

The Islamic Republic is exhausting its strategic resources. Four decades of mismanagement, corruption, nepotism have taken their toll. The Iranian people have had enough, and seek their proper position in the world community. They have raised their voices to call for regime change in its entirely.