On Tuesday morning, a large number of investors in Isfahan continued protests begun on Monday, and launched a rally outside the Parsian Bank, who held their investments, chanting, “The bankrupt Parsian is sitting on our money, as well as, ” “Down with Seif,” (referring to Caspian’s chief executive), and, “Seif, answer to our demands,” or, “Seif is incompetent.” More significanty, “This is treason,” was also heard. Although they were attacked by State Police, the protesters remained.

Protesting investors in Tehran staged a rally outside the international exhibition. Also in Tehran, a rally was staged outside the Central Bank

Protesters rallied outside the Caspian branch in Nieshabour, northeast Iran, holding placards saying, “The corrupt must be executed,” and, “One embezzlement less, will it resolve our problems?”

Numerous rallies were staged on Monday in several cities:
• in Mashhad (northeast Iran) outside the Khorasan Razavi governorate office,
• in Neishabour outside the parliament branch office,
• in Ardebil (northwest Iran) outside the Caspian branch
• in Lahijan (northern Iran) outside the Caspian central office.

On Sunday protesters demanded their money returned in
demonstrations in the cities of Babol (northern Iran), Hamedan (western Iran) and Ardebil.

Iran’s workers also rallied in numerous cities, including:

– At least 300 workers of the Pars Paper Company in Haft Tappe, western Iran, rallied on Tuesday, in the company courtyard demanding their paychecks from last month, and protesting intense crackdown measures. They also demanded their one-year work contracts, a review of their employment plans, and to be able to hold elections to elect their labor representatives.

– At the Haft Tappe Sugar Cane Company, 300 retired workers staged a rally outside the company’s accounting office, protesting of the refusal by their employers to deposit four percent of their shares in the Social Security Organization Fund.

– Protests continued by workers of the Azerbaijan Industry Development Factory for the 3rd consecutive day. They demanded their wages and insurance pensions that have been delayed for 18 months, and to be ensured job security.

– Outside the gas office of Galugah in Mazandaran Province, northern Iran, workers of two large brick factories rallied, protesting the cut off of gas services that resulted in their factory being closed down.

– Outside the city municipality office, workers of the Ahvaz area 8 green areas rallied on Monday, demanding their delayed paychecks.

– At the Iran National Steel Industry Factory in Ahvaz, yet again on Sunday, workers rallied outside the governance office. They demanded delayed paychecks and pensions, and held placards reading, “Don’t deceive the workers with lies,” and, “Until when should we be ashamed before our families,” as well as “Help the National Group workers.”

– Workers of the Kavir Tile Factory in Yazd, central Iran, rallied outside the governance office on Saturday, protesting the four month delay of their paychecks.

– People rallied outside the municipality office of the city of Delvar in Bushehr Province, southern Iran, demanding the unloading of goods in their local port.

– 100 retired workers of the Haft Tappe Sugar Cane Company rallied outside the company office in Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran, in the city of Shoosh, demanding delayed paychecks.

– In Fars Province, central Iran, a number of part-time municipality workers in the city of Neireez, protested demanding their paychecks delayed for the past few months.

– Merchants of the Bile Savar border market rallied outside the customs office In Ardebil Province, protesting regulations not permitting goods being transferred in suitcases and passengers carrying goods through the border.

– A group of farmers from Homayoon Shahr, Falavarjan, Najaf Abad, Lenjan and Mobarake in Isfahan, protested the cut off of water from Zayande Riverf and demanded their share of the river water.

– Truck drivers in Gomrok Mehran of Ilam Province, western Iran, protested the high fees that are demanded for the release of their goods.

As the governor was visiting the outskirts of Isfahan on Saturday, poverty stricken people began protesting, which forced him to flee the scene.