This is while Iranian authorities disrupted investigations for six months to conceal the Revolutionary Guards’ (IRGC) responsibility in the crime. However, these days, new evidence implicates the Iranian regime had resorted to human shield once again…

According to a recording of the head of Iran’s investigation team Hassan Rezaeifar, the IRGC hierarchy was informed that the plane was shot down by the country’s anti-aircraft system. However, they hid the truth for three days hoping to find another reason for their crimes.

“I was informed at 6:30 a.m. and I called the IRGC at 6:35 a.m. and asked, ‘Did you have a missile attack?’” Rezaeifar said in his 91-minute talks with CBC news. “Mr. Hajizadeh explained and said yes, and we had ordered. He said there are some national security considerations in the country.”

Notably, the airliner crash took place exactly four hours after the regime’s “harsh revenge” operation against U.S. troops in Ain al-Assad base in Iraq. Following the elimination of the IRGC’s Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani through a drone strike in Baghdad on January 3, high-ranking Iranian officials were insisting on an appropriate response to the U.S. precise attack.


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Three days later, the supreme leader Ali Khamenei ordered the IRGC to launch a missile attack on U.S. facilities to rebuild the regime’s tarnished reputation in the region. Of course, the “harsh revenge” left no casualties among U.S. troops and led to another scandal for Iranian military forces despite their propaganda.

However, the coincidence between the regime’s missile attack and shooting down the civil airliner raised the question of why Iranian officials did not cancel flights during the period of intense military activity?

“Some say we should have cleared the airspace,” Rezaeifar said in Farsi on the recording. “The National Security Council is in charge. “But let’s say we had cleared the airspace. Wouldn’t [it] give away our imminent attack?”

Despite these comments, however, the airliner crash occurred four hours later, which obviously proves that the Iranian regime abused civil flights to protect its sensitive centers in the Capital. And it was not a preemptive measure but a planned human shield technique.

Iran’s History of Employing Human Shield Technique

This is not the first instance of the mullahs sacrificing innocent people to preserve their rule. From 1980 to 1988, IRGC commanders frequently used human wave tactics against Iraqi forces in the Iran-Iraq war. The Iranian Parliament’s (Majlis) new speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf was notoriously renowned for employing this tactic time and again.

Notably, the regime’s founder Ruhollah Khomeini meaninglessly lengthened the war after the Iraqi army retreated from Iranian soil. In fact, Khomeini continued the war for seven years to suppress any opposition voice under the excuse of the emergency state. At the time, human wave invasions left uncountable casualties among Iranian infantry.

Additionally, Iranian authorities employed this technique once again after nationwide protests in November 2019 to quell the people’s revolt against their 41-year disastrous rule. In this respect, the IRGC-owned Mahan airlines continued its flights to and from China when all international aviation companies canceled their flights to the novel coronavirus’s epicenter.


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Afterward, officials kept the society in dark about the coronavirus’s emergence in Iran to hold a publicity procession marking the 41st anniversary of the revolution and the Parliamentary elections, both scheduled in February. On March 21, President Hassan Rouhani claimed, “We informed the people on the same day we were realized that the virus had entered the country.” However, evidence later proved that health centers had registered COVID-19 patients via CT scan tests in early December 2019.

Also, the regime follows a bilateral policy about the coronavirus outbreak in the country. On the other hand, the mullahs are severely concerned about the implications of a high death toll, which shows their incompetence in containing the disease, and they are using the deadly virus to rescue themselves from the dire socio-economic crises.

However, as international pressures in the case of the Ukrainian airliner crash finally pushed the regime to admit to the truth. The international community, particularly health bodies, must exert pressure on the mullahs to reveal the real scope of the coronavirus crisis in Iran. It is worth noting that many countries reported that their COVID-19 patient zero had come from Iran.