André Trepoll, the head of the Christian Democratic Union party faction in Hamburg, said on Monday: “The right of Israel’s existence belongs to the national interest of Germany.

Whoever does not recognize this and carries out anti-Israel agitation can, in the view of German historical responsibility, not be a contractual partner of our state.”

He added that the Regime-controlled Islamic Center of Hamburg’s participation in the al-Quds march proves that Germany cannot make an agreement with the centre and that the Shura, which is the organising body for Islamic organizations and mosques, must expel the Islamic Center from its organization.

The Shura has previously asked the Islamic Center not to take part in the al-Quds Day march.

This year, 150 people from Hamburg took part in a march of 1600 people, including rally organiser Ayatollah Hamidreza Torabi, who heads the Islamic Academy of Germany, which is part of the Islamic Center.

Anna von Treuenfels-Frowein, head of the Free Democratic Party in Hamburg, said: “With antisemitic enemies of democracy, there can be no state contracts. The Islamic Center of Hamburg must be excluded from the state contract or the contracts will be terminated.”

A broken agreement

In 2012, Hamburg’s social democratic government made a deal with Muslim organizations about common values, peaceful activities, and tolerance, which the Islamic Center agreed to.

The agreement recognises Islamic holidays and permits religious education, but calls on the groups not to discriminate against women or the LGBTQ+ community.

Carsten Ovens, from the Christian Democratic Union faction in Hamburg, said: “[The] CDU is calling for the suspension of the agreements [following the anti-Israel activities of the Islamic Center, because] Israel’s right to exist and the freedom of the Jewish people are not subject to negotiation.”

Criticism of Hamberg

Other politicians from around Germany have criticised the Hamburg government for failing to take action sooner, with Karin Prien, a CDU minister for education in the bordering state of Schleswig-Holstein, calling for the Islamic Center to face consequences.

While this is a great start in containing the Iranian Regime, German politicians should start supporting the only people that are likely to remove the Regime from power: the Iranian Resistance.

Regime change, which will be the main theme of the Resistance’s Grand Gathering in Paris on June 30, is the only way to get rid of the Regime that routinely calls for the destruction on the Jewish state. The mullahs will not reform or mellow. The only option is ousting them, which the Iranian people are ready and willing to do.