Iran is known for its harsh rhetoric and criticism of the United States, so a negative reaction was expected. However, the reality was very different and it took Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei weeks to respond. When he did respond, it was to confirm that he has ordered the country’s nuclear department to increase its capacity of centrifuges that can be built.

Some have said that this is to put Iran on the path to a nuclear weapon, but it must be pointed out that the Supreme Leader emphasised that it would only be done within the limits of the nuclear deal’s framework.

Iran is able to, within the terms of the deal, experiment with centrifuges that can produce better uranium. And quicker. Hence why critics of the deal say that Iran was only months away from having a nuclear bomb thanks to the agreement.

If Iran is able to build more advanced centrifuges, it could be in a position where it can break out even quicker than anyone ever expected if all it has to do is assemble it.

The future of the nuclear deal is hanging on a thread. Now that the United States has pulled out and announced the re-introduction of sanctions, it is probable that the deal will fall apart completely whether the other signatories (China, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany and France) want it to or not.

For now, Iran is remaining cautious. It is making it known that the regime is working on the centrifuges, but it is also making it very clear that it is doing it within the framework of the deal. One could say that Iran is keeping its options open.

The Iranian regime does not want to do or say anything that will result in major action being taken by the international community. It is under immense pressure at home because of the recent major uprising and ongoing protests. Furthermore, it is experiencing setbacks in the Middle East – namely in Syria and Iraq – two areas that the regime has been counting on.

Unless Iran is reigned back in, chaos will continue to spread across the region as the regime grows more desperate. When you back a dog into a corner, you don’t know how it will respond. And you have to prepare for the worst. This is similar to Iran. Instead of backing the regime into a corner, the threat needs to be curbed first.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) is the main opposition to the regime. No one knows the regime better than the NCRI and it has been instrumental in uncovering much of the regime’s deceit. At the end of the month, on 30th June, it will hold its annual conference to discuss the ways we can move forward and once and for all bring great change to the country that is suffering as a result of the clerical regime’s rule.