But why would they do that? Well, the regime is terrified that the people will rise up again, as they did in the November 2019 uprising, and overthrow the mullahs. They believe that it would be better for people to die so that the people fear large gatherings during the pandemic and so there are fewer people to fight for a free Iran in the aftermath. The regime’s President Hassan Rouhani admitted as much in a speech defending sending the Iranian people back to work in April, following a short and late lockdown.

The regime knows that the Iranian people want change, as evidenced most recently by the anti-regime activities in Iran that coincided with the end of the Free Iran Global Summit 2020, which took place online due to the pandemic.

The summit showed that there was hope for a free Iran because there is a capable alternative ready and willing to take over and solve the crises of a beleaguered nation; starting with the coronavirus, but moving onto human rights abuses and the economy.

Over 30,000 locations in 102 countries, including Iran, were connected in this summit, which had the support of over 1,000 renowned politicians, including former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani.


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Free Iran Conference 2020: The Coronavirus, Regime Terrorism, Suppression of Dissidents, and Regime Overthrow



He said: “This is to let [the Iranian people] know that their fight for freedom is supported around the world. That there are freedom lovers, both Iranian and of all nationalities, that support you at the highest levels of their governments.”

Giuliani then addressed that the goals of the Iranian people in their protests, including human rights and universal suffrage, are the values held dear by the Resistance and its President Maryam Rajavi.

He praised the Iranian people for their bravery in the aforementioned protests; saying that the act of carrying poster or chanting slogans decrying the regime (i.e. “Down with the dictator”) may not seem like a big, bold move for Westerners, but could actually mean death for those under the mullahs’ rule.

Giuliani said: “There is a beacon of hope in this dark landscape. The one organization that has done more than any other, including government, to free Iranian citizens from tyranny and the world from fundamentalist-inspired terrorism, is the National Council of Resistance of Iran, NCRI. The NCRI strives relentlessly to ensure that hope for democracy and an end to injustice and tyranny remains alive in Iran… The NCRI is under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi, a woman who has the respect of all of us. She’s been a hero. She is a dedicated leader with a tremendous, tremendous understanding of the plight of the Iranians and what’s needed to bring Iran to a democratic alternative for the regime.”

The regime was to delay that change through any means, even the massacre of its people; this time with the coronavirus, but frequently throughout the past 41 years.