In such a situation, Dr. Mike Ryan of the World Health Organisation in a news conference in Geneva, Switzerland, on 27 February said Iran “had very high clinic capacity”.

Really, it is worth to see, whom and where these treatment facilities are serving, which in the mind of WHO officials are enough.

A medical team and a full hospital are at the Iranian regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s palace and serve him and his family around the clock. Khamenei while only pressing a button, will find the best medical facilities in the world with qualified medical staff.

The question is: Is it only Khamenei who has such facilities?

The regime’s Khabar Fori website, on 27 February, wrote: “Reporters who had come to the home of Masoumeh Ebtekar, Iran’s Vice President, to find out about her health, found out that medical staff was testing her family members and colleagues at her home with medical equipment. Two amateurish journalists, of course, were arrested.”

But is it only Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani and the members of the government who have devoted “sufficient facilities” of the country’s clinic to themselves?

The state-run newspaper Jahan-e Sanat wrote while quoting one of the Oil Hospital nurses on 27 February:

“The corona test kits are very limited, and the few are only at the Pasteur Institute and Milad Hospital. Although the number of Coronavirus test kits are limited, all MPs were tested and, according to eyewitnesses at the Pasteur Institute, which is the main site of the Coronavirus test, officials and their children were initially tested, while due to the lack of test kits, those who are most at risk, like doctors and nurses should be tested first.”

This newspaper continued: “The Institute was not responding to repeated calls by the ‘Jahan Sanat’.”

It is worth noting that the Pasteur Institute is now almost the neighbor of the base known as Khamenei’s Beit (House), and now all its facilities are at the service of Khamenei and his bodyguards and other IRGC members.

Thus, it is clear that the adequate medical facilities that the office of the World Health Organization (WHO) had said that in Iran are available are now at the disposal of Khamenei and his guards and other government officials, from ministers to lawyers, general managers, governors, and so on.

And if anyone reveals anything in such cases, according to Hassan Norouzi, spokesman for the Judiciary and Legal Committee of the Majlis (Iran’s Parliament),  “People who publish false news about the Coronavirus in Iran will be sentenced to one to three years in prison and condemned to flogging!”

The mullahs and the IRGC’s members have all the medical treatment they need, and in turn, arrest anyone who protests the situation on security charges.

This will undoubtedly lead to another uprising by the people, the youth and the resistance units.


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