However, his rival gang, who supports the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani, has sounded alarms about the dark fate of the ruling system. On March 17, Mehdi Motahharnia, who styles himself as a progressive figure, wrote an article titled, “Corona as a Crisis.”

“A crisis has taken place in the society that didn’t emerge as an opportunity but has emerged as a threat. It’s possible several calls this [threat] an opportunity regarding their personal performance, group interests, political purposes, or other reasons. However, they can’t underestimate scopes of the threat,” Mottaharinia wrote on the same day.

On the other hand, another pro-Rouhani newspaper, Jahan-e Sanat, warned about the consequences of the coronavirus crisis in an article titled, “The Consequences of Lack of Crisis Management.” “When the epidemic deflated, other crises will appear like injuries. Because of these conditions and economic recession, a large number of the people will be unemployed and homeless,” Jahan-e Sanat wrote.

This state-run newspaper implicitly pointed to the public wrath under the name of “consequences of the crisis,” which really terrifies the mullahs who have a notorious history in concealing truths and keeping the ordinary people in dark. In this context, society cannot tolerate the secrecy that is considered an insult to the people. Therefore, officials recommend each other to admit their fault and pave the way for a new round of negotiations with the “Great Satan” to pursue the lifting of economic sanctions.

“The diplomatic apparatus should incite the United States’ allies including the European states to put pressure on this country for opening a minimum breathing space,” Arman newspaper quoted the regime’s former ambassador in the United Kingdom Abdolreza Farajirad as saying on March 17.

These days, several Iranian officials ridiculously defend women’s rights while the regime’s constitution is based on misogynistic principles. They irrelevantly and hastily shed crocodile tears for Iranian women to express their regret in their previous policies! In this respect, the head of women’s fraction in the Parliament [Majlis] Farideh Oladeqobad sent a message to the head of the Council of World Women Leaders.

“[She] emphasized that sanctions resulted in lack of health and medical equipment, saying, ‘This issue [coronavirus crisis] has threatened the psychological health of Iranian women and girls in addition to threatening their physical health,’” the state-run newspaper Eqtesad-e Saramad quoted her as saying on March 17.

This MP raised a “lack of health and medical equipment” while the regime has left around three million single mothers who cannot provide their essential needs and they are the mullahs’ victims regardless of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We would be optimistic about decreasing the sanctions’ pressures if the diplomatic apparatus could drive developments to hold the 5+1 assembly with the U.S. presence,” Qassem Mohebali, a former official of the Foreign Ministry, told Arman newspaper.

Mohebali incited the regime, particularly Khamenei, to express their regret about their aggressive policies, saying, “In such circumstances, no action will certainly be taken and [we] need activity by the political apparatus… [Furthermore,] no country would unilaterally take a step in this path.”

These developments aren’t restricted inside the country alone and extended to other countries that the mullahs touted as their “strategic depth.” In Iraq, in tandem with widespread protests against the Iranian regime’s meddling and consecutive rejection of Iran-backed candidates for prime minister, the mullahs are concerned over the defection among their mercenaries. “Definitely, regional developments, especially in Iraq, aren’t headed in an appropriate direction and the continuation of the status quo is able to pave the way for striking Iran[‘s regime],” Arman issued warning on March 17.

These remarks have been raised while the regime’s officials seriously make efforts to ease the public anger against their tyranny and fill the fault that is made by 40 years lying and suppression. However, according to previous remarks of the mullahs and their advocates, a new round of protests and uprisings is on the way, and it will possibly overthrow the illegal rule of the criminal clerics.


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