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Iran’s Ministry of Health and Its Contradictory Policies

Iran’s Minister of Health Saeed Namaki
Iran’s Minister of Health Saeed Namaki

While the whole country is in the midst of a coronavirus catastrophe these days and the medical staff is worn out and the death toll is breaking new records, it is necessary that the main custodians of health and management of the whole country pay more attention to this national catastrophe.

It requires to mobilize all executive and governmental bodies around the control and treatment of the people. But Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, as the country’s chief executive, can be seen saying that Muharram mourning ceremonies should be held under any circumstances. He declares with incredible impudence that the Muharram mourning ceremonies must be held in all provinces under any red or yellow coronavirus conditions.

– The head of the country’s higher education says that measures should be considered to hold the entrance exam, due to the existence of the coronavirus.

– Dr. Minoo Moharrar says that the whole country is in a red situation and all gatherings, including weddings, mourning, union, and job gatherings, should be prevented so that the second peak of the disease does not cause more deaths.

– Today, a part of Tajrish Hospital was closed due to the infection of the entire medical staff. And in hospitals in other cities, such as Urmia, Ahvaz, and Khorasan Razavi, hospital managers are crying because of the exhaustion and shortage of medical staff and the lack of ICU beds to admit more patients.

Such a state of recklessness in government is not accidental or unpredictable. Because of the experience of past epidemics and other countries was ahead. It was necessary that from the very first days when the coronavirus entered Iran, serious preventive and restrictive measures were taken. But Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei sought to make the coronavirus an opportunity for himself by politicizing large-scale casualties. Khamenei, which is plunged into a quagmire of crises, deliberately inflicted further suffering on the people in order to prevent any protests and uprisings.


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In April, Rouhani made it clear that they had a “herd safety” policy. This means that all people must get the disease at once so that its antibodies can be produced in the body.

Ms. Minoo Moharrar, who spoke on the subject on July 25, said that “’ herd immunity is an exaggeration that should not be said. Because a large percentage of those who will be infected will die. Even if we take the lowest death toll at 3 percent, for a population of more than 80 million, some 2.5 million people will be killed.”

But such a number for a regime that does not care about the people is worthless and equal to null. With the “herd immunity”, they should all die, while they live now in safe bunkers.

Now, Saeed Namaki, instead of looking at the actions of himself and his ministry, and its blows on the people in these five months, with its contradictory policies that have further spread the virus, made the virus responsible on this situation and says that the coronavirus is contradictory in its nature.

According to the engineered statistics of the Ministry of Interior, the daily statistics of the country’s deaths are now in three digits. And at least 200 people die every day in the country. While mocking the people and the situation he said: “We were able to achieve a great national unity with the grace of God, the support of the Supreme Leader, the esteemed President, other institutions and especially the support of the people.”

Lying about the vaccine, he said: “We have good news in the production of vaccines, and we are not behind the world.”