Haft Tapeh workers swear they haven’t paid their salaries for 5 months, Araki workers have long been involved in the task of rescuing the country’s largest industrial unit from destroying, which has been destructing by Iranian officials. And the same situation is by the Tabrizi and Isfahani too.

As such clashes between the labors and the Iranian government continue, the process of looting national resources by government factions continues to intensify. These scenes are another area of ​​the everyday struggle of Iran’s people for minimum living conditions.

In a new recently revealed statistics are the number that has been published by the state-run media Iran Rooz on 12 October 2019, a government expert said what goes on in the system is more than “corruption”; he prefers to call this phenomenon not “corruption” but “looting”! The same name that the people and the resistance of Iran have given it for years!

This media wrote in an article in a conversation with a government expert named Safai Farahani: Today while we are speaking about a 30 to 120 thousand corruption, we can no longer call it corruption, but the exact name is looting! ”

He then explained: “If one saves 1billion rials a month, can save 1.2 billion tomans a year.

If someone can make these savings for 100 consecutive years, it can only save 120 billion tomans by the end of 100 years. However, when someone can get 5 billion tomans in a 2- or 3-year process from the wealth of the country, what happens here is looting ».

Commenting on the looting of oil revenues in various governments he continues: “In the 2011 year alone, the country’s oil revenues reached $118 billion, an average of $10 billion a month! Throughout Iran’s history, the country had not experienced such income, all foreign exchange earnings in the last 40 years were not as high as those of this year.”

To complete what this expert said, it should be added that the profits from the sale of oil only by one of the Revolutionary Guards’ (Khatam Refinery) refineries, according to what Abdolah Abdullahi said on 18 March 2017, was on a daily basis of $60 million daily. The refinery’s annual revenue is $20 billion a year! There is no news of the revenue of the other refineries belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

There is no need to look at other government statistics to find out what amount of money and wealth of the Iranian people have been looted by the Iranian government and the IRGC. He added: In the years of the reformist government from 1989 – 1997 the income of the country was less than $130 billion, the average was less than $20 billion annually. Compare these numbers with oil revenues from 2005 to 2016.

And most strikingly is that he said that the income of smuggling goods is $15 billion annually and the drug turnover reaches over 1600 billion rials annually.

Astronomical income equal to slowing economic growth

The expert then added: “It was approved in the Fourth Development Plan that with a fifth of the incomes of the ninth and tenth governments, there would be an 8% growth in the Iranian economy. In fact, the income was the fifth time more than the predicted revenue, but the average economic growth did not even reach 3%.

The question is where was the money really spent? Of course, no one is accountable.

Where was the money spent?

What this government expert says, who is personally involved in these events, is truly painful. That is to say, even when the system’s revenues actually amounted to five times the expected revenues, the economy of the country, instead of growth, has fallen!

Now, in addition to these catastrophic numbers, it must be added that people’s lives are steadily declining, people’s tables are getting empty, worse the nation’s livelihoods are getting narrower. More social groups are falling below the poverty line, and the misery index (the result of both the inflation rate and the unemployment rate) has risen to about 40%. All the revenue of the country is looted by the corrupt Iranian government.