The united resistance of the Ukrainian people against the war of occupation by Russia is the start of a historical turnover. Their resistance and courage have inspired the entire world, with many people across the globe standing up to show their support.

Even in Russia, people are participating in daily protests over this unjustifiable war while risking arrest or being beaten by the security forces. The first lesson of this war, and what the Ukrainian peoples’ resistance has taught us is that the world in the 21st century will and cannot accept any war.

What is being witnessed now is an example of the political, social, and military presence of the people on all fronts of the resistance, which has not been seen since the Algerian revolution in the second half of the twentieth century.

Why do we call what happened in Ukraine70 years after World War II, a ‘historic development’?

The first reason is that this development transformed the world after two days of the occupation of Ukraine, is the motivation and unity of millions of the people, as well as the leadership role of their President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

When the political leadership understands the actual conflict and the interests of its people and country while guiding it on the right path of history, it combines emotions, will, and national pride of a nation and consolidates an invincible power against a strength 10 times more powerful than itself.

The events currently taking place in Ukraine every day send the message of rich human values to the ordinary people around the world, showing that in times of harsh and critical situations, these values combined with a righteous and vigilant leader can change the fate of a country and its nation.

The role of a strong and stalwart leader who embraces dangerous conditions, refuses to retreat, and does not think about the fate of himself and the security of his family, while prioritizing others, is something that the world has not witnessed since World War II, but this is what we are now witnessing in Ukraine.

This is why Ukraine and its leaders are facing such overwhelming support from both inside the country, and around the world. The influence of the human values that have been rekindled by the resistance has encouraged the people around the world to unite and stand up for freedom and justice.

The world has now awakened after many years and many unjustified wars to defend human values and freedom and confront evil thoughts and behaviors. Without any doubt, this will influence any similar future events.

The message of the resistance of the Ukrainian people will no doubt change the thinking of any nation living under a dictatorship and will become a model for them to use the amazing power of the unity between them and their freedom-loving leaders to revolt against the dictators.

Therefore, the events in Ukraine have frightened the dictatorships around the world, especially the mullahs’ tyranny in Iran, which is now sending signals of desperation as it fears future uprisings much worse than in November 2019.

They know all too well that the Resistance of Iran has a long history of heroism and sacrifice for freedom, akin to what we are now witnessing in Ukraine. There is no doubt that the fate of Ukraine and its people will change because of the quality of their resistance. The Ukrainian people are now unified and refusing to back down from fighting for their country’s freedom. This is the real spirit of humanity.