As a result of these raids, 35 young Iranians were arrested. State media outlets have reported that 10 of these young people are women.

The people of Iran have no freedom in most parts of their lives. To attend a party or celebration in which both sexes are present is just one such example. Regime officials themselves, of course, are not subject to such mistreatment.

A state media outlet had reported that the week previous to these latest arrests, there were a number of other raids in which more than 52 people were arrested. A source had told the agency that those arrested were young and dressed inappropriately.

The people of Iran have to live by very strict rules and moral codes and the regime does not hesitate to send agents out to the street to carry out mass arrests. Young people have been arrested for having hairstyles considered “too Western” or for dressing in a way that the regime does not approve of.

The Iranian regime also obliges women to be veiled in public. This is something that the people of Iran, both men and women, oppose. It is not the practice of wearing a veil that the people do not like – it is the fact that they are obliged to dress how the regime wants them to – the choice is out of their hands.

Women are not considered equal beings by the Iranian regime and it is certain that the authorities see them as a threat. The main opposition to the Iranian regime, the PMOI or MEK, is led by a woman and women have important roles and positions at all levels of the organisation.

At the end of July, the notorious IRGC announced that 20 women had been arrested. An IRGC official explained that it had “dismantled” a network of women that has the aim of “promoting a Western lifestyle”.

Over the past few years, in an attempt to get a handle on the widespread dissent that is present across the whole country, the regime is ordering crackdowns on the people. However, this strategy is not working for the regime because it is only making the people even more determined for freedom, human rights and democracy.

The people support the maximum pressure campaign that the United States is putting Iran under because they know that the more pressure the regime is subjected to, the sooner the regime will collapse. The people want the European governments to stop appeasing the regime because it is doing nothing but prolonging its existence, and by extension prolonging the misery of the people.

Furthermore, Europe prides itself on its respect of human rights and democracy, so it must ensure that it does not appease countries that ignore these core values.