NCRI – Google users in Iran and other repressive regimes will soon be able to mask their online identity to avoid their country’s strict censorship and filtering laws.

Internet users can access new technology from Google Ideas which will enable them to surf the net with the help of a friend in a censor-free nation.

The ‘uProxy’ web-browser extension uses peer-to-peer technology to let people around the world provide one another with a trusted Internet connection.

The product is a personalized Virtual Private Network that does not depend on a centralized server or a commercial provider, making it difficult for governments or regimes to block.

A user in Iran or elsewhere would be able to ask a friend in the United States via chat to activate uProxy. The US contact would click on the extension, and the Iranian user would receive a notification.

After clicking on the notification and accepting the invitation, he or she would then be connected to the Internet, via a secure channel through the friend’s connection.