Based on the report from the Majzooban Noor website, military-security forces attacked political prisoners in this ward and to cover up this controversy the authorities are dispersing inmates of Ward 350 to other sections of the prison. This violates laws that content that prisoners are to be quartered off among other prisoners who have committed similar crimes.  

Mehdi Dolati, political prisoner of Ward 350, was sent to the workers ward of Evin Prison. Two Gonabadi dervishes by the names of Farshid Yadollahi and Reza Entesari were exiled to Wards 7 and 8 of Evin prison, which are usually reserved for white collar criminals.

These illegal transfers have taken place while reports indicate that the situation of public needs of other wards of this prison is inadequate. 

Guards Assault Defenseless Prisoners in the Central Prison of Zahedan 

According to reports received by “Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran”, prison guards brutally attacked inmates in Ward 3 of the Central Prison of Zahedan, as well as destroying and stealing what little personal property they had on their person.

On Monday, May 26th, at 9:30AM, security forces of central prison of Zahedan attacked Ward and took the defenseless prisoners to the prison yard, insulting and harassing them. Prisoners had to stand for many hours in full and intense sun and heat and they were not allowed water or bathroom breaks.

Then the prison guards raided the cells of prisoners, throwing personal belongings into the corridor of the ward, destroying many of them. The prisoners make handicrafts with the minimum of materials they can find. It takes a lot of time to make these crafts. All the many hours spent making these crafts were wasted after security forces destroyed or stole them. Far from an isolated incident, this sort of organized harassment is common in the Central Prison of Zahedan

On the same day, Babai, head of the Prisons Organization of Sistan and Baluchistan Province, tried to force prisoners to gather in a hall in order to make a speech about the Supreme Leader and his regime. 

The prisoners ignored threats and refused to take part in this ceremony. Babai was outraged and ordered to disconnect the phones of all wards so that the prisoners cannot call their families.

Torture Gives Kurdish Political Prisoner Severe Mental Disorder

Behrooz Alkhani, a Kurdish political prisoner sentenced to death, has incurred “mental disorders” due to “harassment [by] Intelligence Agents”. According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, Intelligence Ministry agents hung Alkhani off a Ceiling for 15 days in order to get a confession. 

Alkhani is accused of murdering the prosecutor of the city of Khoy. An informed source told Kurdistan press agency:


“The doctor of Behrooz Alkhani confirms the ‘mental disorders’ of this Kurdish political prisoner resulted from torture but the authorities and security agents of central prison of Urumiyeh    


 Kurdish Political Prisoner Behrooz Alkahni Tortured and Sentenced To Death

Behrooz Alkhani lays on the ward’s bed all day, and on days when prisoners are taken to the yard to carry out their death sentence, he gets convulsion and confusion and reviles.

Alkhani was arrested in Salmas on January 27th, 2010. He was kept in solitary confinement for 18 months and was then condemned to death by the first branch of revolution court of the city of Urumia oy the charges of “cooperation with one of the Kurdish parties opposing the Islamic government of Iran” and “murder of the prosecutor general of the city of Khoy”. 

Alkhani’s brother Peyman spoke to the news agencies:


“Behrooz never confessed to the murder of Vali Haji Gholizadeh, the prosecutor general of the city of Khoy and even the prosecutor’s family refused to complaint against him.


The Intelligence agents of Urumia connected an electric shock to my brother’s head and tortured him this way. They also beat him and due to strikes on Behrooz’s head he lost his mental balance.”


Kurdish Student Saber Sheikh Abdollah Faces Death Penalty

Saber Sheikh Abdollah, a Kurdish student residing in the city of Mahabad, was arrested in March 2014 and is now facing the death penalty.

According to a report of the Kurdistan Press Agency and according to an informed source, Abdollah, a student working towards a Master of Science degree at Alameh Tabatabai university of Tehran, is accused by intelligence forces of being involved in the Mahabad explosion of September 2010.  On March 15th, 2014, Abdollah, 27, was arrested by plainclothes agents in the city of Mahabad and taken to an undisclosed location. 

One of Abdollah’s classmates said to a Kurdpa reporter:


“Based on a film that was broadcasted in the 08:30 PM news on state television of clerical regime of Iran regarding the arrest of several people that the security institutions said were involved in the explosion in the city of Mahabad, one of these people is Saber Sheikh Abdollah.


The “Bultannews” website identities three people and one of them is Saleh Sheikh Abdollah, he is actually Saber but through this the security institutions want to divert the public opinion.  

Saber Sheikh Abdollah neither in university nor in Mahabad had a single day of political activity and the Intelligence Ministry entered this student in a pre-designed scenario and this issue caused the additional concern for Saber’s family and friends.”

The Kurdpa reporter called Abdollah’s family, but they refused to speak with the Kurdpa reporter. According to an informed source, Saber’s family has been threatened by the Intelligence Ministry to avoid talking to the media. 

Hossein Osmani, 49, residing in the city of Mahabad, was arrested in his home by Intelligence forces on March 3, 2014, and together with “Diako Rasoulzadeh” two other culprits and “Saleh Sheikh Abdollah (Saber)” were accused of being involved in the explosion in September 2010 in the city of Mahabad. Families and relatives of these men maintain their innocence.