The resolution calls on the government of Italy to condemn the incident. It also calls on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Human Rights Council, General Assembly and the Security Council to carry out an appropriate investigation so that the perpetrators of this crime against humanity can be prosecuted and finally face justice. 

Following the news of this resolution, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) reported that the Mayor of Kivasu, Libero Chuferdo, spoke about the 1988 massacre. 

Mayor Libero Chuferdo said that he welcomed the resolution and promised that the crimes committed by the Iranian regime will “not go unanswered”. 

He said: “The Iranian Resistance’s firm stance and perseverance for establishing freedom and democracy in Iran is highly commendable and represents a huge hope for the Iranian people. We learn a lot from the Iranian Resistance. The Iranian people and human rights in Iran have been victims to the West’s indifference and silence, and the Iranian Resistance has been paying a heavy price in this regard.”

He urged the people to be responsible and to rise to defend human rights for the people of Iran. He called on the people to ensure the “grave disaster” is taken to international courts. 

Chair of the Social Policies Commission of the Kivasu municipality, Analisa Decol, speaking about the role of the Iranian opposition, said that the Resistance has paid a “major price for freedom in Iran”, with the massacre of political prisoners one such example. She added: “This is our moral and political duty to awaken the international community to place those behind this massacre before justice.”

She also pointed out that the incident in 1988 shows how brutal and inhumane the Iranian regime is, but it is also evidence of the “perseverance and hope of the Iranian people to establish freedom”. She said that the West has a responsibility to be the voice of the Iranian people who she commended for their perseverance when faced with so much hardship. 

Lorda Bifu said: “Today the National Council of Resistance of Iran led by Maryam Rajavi is the sole democratic and popular alternative for the mullahs’ regime. Her 10-point-plan for a future free and democratic Iran has been welcomed by the world over. The summer 1988 catastrophe was the climax of the mullahs’ inhumane measures and it is our duty to seriously pursue the call for the prosecution of those behind these hideous crimes in international courts.”