“How can one with even the slightest honesty living under the mullahs’ rule, live free of the double oppression against women? 

“Instead of playing with words and using phrases such as ‘I congratulate you on the International Women’s Day, I wish for a future in which the women of my country would prove themselves to the world and I am sure this will come soon. 

“In dedication to my daughter Zahra, who didn’t stand and wait while others play with words regarding her rights and occasionally offer her the least preliminary rights as a sign of charity, but instead, she rebelled against reactionary acts to revive the human dignity of women.” 

Mr. Saleh Kohandel was arrested on charge of supporting the PMOI and is presently in prison. He is suspicious of having leukemia and has acute problem regarding his thrombocyte and his physical condition has recently deteriorated.

He has to be seen by specialists and have lab tests, but his guardsmen refuse him access to medical care to torment him to death as is their method of torturing the prisoners.