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Iran: Man paraded in street to show ‘police and judiciary toughness’

The commander of police told a state-run news agency: ‘After hard work by the state security forces and intelligence measures taken, an evil person was arrested and … paraded in the streets of town of Pishva as punishment, and to demonstrate the toughness of police and the judiciary.”

Colonel Adinehvand said the evil person had disrupted the public order in the town.

“The Public Security Plan is always on the police agenda”, he told state-run Mehr news agency. Based on the plan, every year hundreds of thousands of people are arrested many for wearing ‘improper dress.’

The Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (police) regularly parades in street those arrested on the charges of being a ‘thug’ or ‘those disrupting the public order’.

Such degrading punishments are systematically used in order to embarrass and humiliate the youth in their neighborhood.

Last April, three young men were paraded in women’s clothing through the Iranian city of Mehran after being charged with robbery and drug dealing.

In prevent public protest, the Iranian regime has been using all means to intimidate the public. The measures include surge in execution particularly in public.