Pourmohammadi denied that “rogues elements” in the MOIS were to be blamed for the crimes.

“In the question of chain murders, the MOIS section involved did not act on its own. May be there were directors in the section who took unsound decisions, … but they were not rogue elements. In this history of chain murders, Security’s second-in-command, was leading the project that was led by people with leftist points of view, who thought they were helping the regime by pushing the reformists away from the dangerous trap awaiting for them. Directors in this section had a favorable opinion for President (Mohammad) Khatami; they were Khatami’s supporters.”

Pourmohammadi confessed to his role in the repression of Iranian opposition forces in the 1980s and the 1990s, saying that he joined the MOIS after the ministry’s formation in 1987. He however did not mention his role in the 1988 massacre of Mojahedin-Khalq (MEK) members in the country’s prisons, which eliminated tens of thousands of dissidents in a few months.