Despite extensive complaints of the residents of Ahvaz to regime’s officials about the disconnection of the internet network, no answer has been given to the people by the telecommunication of this southern province.

According to received reports, in order to use the internet some of the residents travelled a long way to other districts of the city where the access to internet was possible.

Although the residents have protested against the interruption, a telecommunication official of the province described the reason of this interruption “partial disruptions” that soon will be solved. Despite this promise, in main districts of the city internet still remains disconnected.

In many occasions in the past, the Iranian regime has disconnected the internet or reduced its speed in order to confront the spread of social uprisings and popular demonstrations against the regime’s policies.

Iran has the last ranking in the internet speed of the region and the price of internet in Iran is twice the price in Afghanistan and more than 3500 times higher than Japan. 

A Ministry of Information and Communications Technology official recently said: The minimum speed of access to the internet in the world is 2MB per second and the maximum speed is considered 20MB per second. “But the bandwidth of the internet in Iran is just one kilobyte per second,” he added.