A year after Hassan Rouhani took office in Iran and despite his charm of ‘moderation,’ the situation of Human Rights in Iran has deteriorated.

Amnesty International has reported a surge in the number of executions in Iran and recently a high ranking group of UN rights experts expressed their outrage over the execution of political prisoner Gholamreza Khosravi and called for a halt on death penalty.

In light of the above, an online Q&A with Howard Dean, former Presidential candidate has been organized on June 16 at 11am to 12, EST.

The focus of the Q&A will be on Hassan Rouhani’s first year record & role of mullahs’- human rights violations in dealings of the West with Tehran.

Please use #AskGovernorDean to submit your questions.

Governor Dean will give his answers to the questions via a video channel on www.iranconvention.com and on the Facebook Page “Iran Freedom”.

It could also be watched on Twitter using the link that will be produced and published slightly before the Q&A session starts on Monday the 16th.


Convention of Iranian Communities for Democracy