Fouladvand, 51, was charged with membership in the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), the principal organization of Iranian opposition. He was condemned to 15 years in prison for “insulting the supreme leader Khamenei”, 2 years for taking part in the 2009 national protests and another year and 74 lashes for “disrupting public order”. Some of these punishments were signed into law only a few months ago during the office of mullahs’ new president Rouhani, designed to ratchet up pressure on political prisoners. The parliament adopted the legislation which punishes political prisoners with long-term prison sentences or the death penalty.

The intelligence ministry arrested Fouladvand in June 2013. His 17-year-old child was also arrested. On Saturday, February 8, he was transferred from ward 350 in Evin Prison to Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court to receive his 18 year prison sentence. He had also previously been incarcerated in the Jamshidiyeh and Gezel Hessar prisons in the 1980s on a year and a half long sentence for similar charges.