He said: “The president of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Maryam Rajavi introduced a proposal which consists of 10 articles and it will revolutionize Iran. In this proposal, Rajavi has affirmed her commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the other international documents. She calls for the abolition of the death penalty; the independence of judges and creating a modern legal system.”

Baroness Gould, a prominent advocate for women’s rights, said: “We will continue to focus on human rights. It is vital that we continue to audit the Iranian regime since they violate the human rights. The members of House of Lords have also done same. As a result, the sanctions related to human rights are still in place.”

According to the UN, at least 966 were executed by the Regime in 2015.

Gould pledged her support of the UN General Assembly’s resolution and insisted that the Iranian regime should allow the UN rapporteur on human rights to visit and inspect.

She added: “We are particularly concerned about the number of executions carried out in Iran; in particular, the execution of those prisoners who were teenagers. The situation of human rights in Iran is still critical. The Iranian government should respect human rights since this issue is an essential part of their interaction with the rest of the world as well. “