The belief in the existence of moderates” and hardliners” in Iranian regime has led to advocating for support of moderates” to improve the human rights situation.  This was presented as the beginning of a new era, leading toward respect for human rights, and an end to the regime’s interference in the region.

This belief has been at the core of Western policy regarding Iran for decades.  However, an examination of the tenure of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, dubbed as a “moderate,” shows something much darker.  More have been executed under Rouhani’s watch than during the entire eight years of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s reign. Rouhani has never criticized the executions and, in fact, defends the death sentence as the rule of God.

Alavi writes, “Religious and ethnic minorities in Iran are suppressed more than ever before, and Iran has increased its participation in supporting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, especially massacring innocent people of Aleppo and other cities. The world has been watching in horror scenes of women and children victimized to horrendous Iran-backed bombings and shelling.”

Western policymakers have ignored these realities. The West is engaging in trade and business deals with the Iranian regime, even though most of Irans economy is run by the Revolutionary Guards, not by ordinary Iranian businessmen. 

With these actions, Western policy actually encourages the regime’s continued domestic crackdown and carry on with their involvement in Syria, with no concern for being held accountable.

For instance, the international community completely failures to respond to the mass executions in Iran. Here, Alavi is referring to the massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners back in the summer of 1988.

Shockingly, those responsible are still holding key government positions.  Rouhani’s current Minister of Justice, Mostafa Pour Mohammadi, was part of the infamous Death Commission” in charge of implementing that dreadful genocide.  He has actually boasted of being proud of his role in sending thousands of political dissidents to the gallows. 

The free world in this 21st century should be ashamed. The silence of the West is unacceptable, as is its continued business with the regime in Iran.