Some have suggested that President Hassan Rouhani resign, or that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei decrease his absolute hegemony. Many call for apologies to the people from senior officials. Will the situation inevitably lead to the end of this regime?

The Hamshahri daily cited Mostafa Tajzadeh, deputy interior minister during the tenure of Mohammad Khatami, as saying, “I am in contact with a number of officials, and I can say if they share my concerns. However, as you know, in the Islamic Republic we have two types of officials. The first group has authorities yet feel no responsibility. The second group have responsibilities on their shoulders yet lack the necessary authorities. The first group can be dubbed as the epicenter and power hardcore. It has been some time now that this group has realized how the situation is deteriorating significantly.”

Tajzadeh went on to suggest that Rouhani should request permission from Khamenei for the regime’s foreign policy to be left to him. He went so far as to suggest a one-year period to enter talks with U.S. President Trump. If the talks lead to the sanctions being lifted, the economy might be saved. If not, Rouhani should accept responsibility and step down.

Rouhani ally, Ahmad Zeid Abadi, argues, “Shuffling the cabinet will not help at all in changing the status quo. Rouhani is in a circle of people that can do nothing but make circumstances even more complicated.” He added, “If I had any suggestion, I wouldn’t advise him to resign.”

The upcoming sanctions are of great concern to Sadeq Zibakalam, a theoretician for the “moderates” in the Iranian regime. He says social consequences are dire as prices skyrocket and living conditions become intolerable for the people.

“Officials should refrain from using any words that may open old wounds and provoke the society,” he added in his remarks to the Baztab website.

The Iranian people are showing their anger and loss of confidence in the regime. If officials do not take measures to assuage the situation, the negative impact on the regime itself will intensify.

Meanwhile, the opposition, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) “Resistance Units” are increasing in numbers.

The December through January uprising made it clear that the people want this regime gone in its entirety, and Khamenei is very much aware of this. Domestic crackdown has thus far been ineffective. The Iranian people have voiced their desire for a free and democratic Iran.