The Iranian regime is facing the days leading up to the anniversary of November 15, 2019, the nationwide uprising. While the fingerprints of this blow are still visible on the supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s face, security forces increased suppression.

In the realm of political change, the regime’s two main factions are fighting over negotiating or not with the United States. With a closer glimpse, we can gain a greater understanding of the realities at the core of the crisis.

The main issue is neither the U.S. election nor the disputes between the regime’s factions. The main issue, and the main conflict, is the war between the Iranian people and the regime, which is now into its 41st year. The intensification of this war on the November 2019 uprising’s anniversary is shaking the ground under the mullahs’ feet.

They are feeling the danger of the overthrow, and because of that, they are grabbing their collars and making each other responsible for the critical status quo.

All the Parameters Intersect in a Determinant Heading and Node:

  1. Although religious fascism sought the atomic bomb to secure its future; it is now stuck in the trap that the revelations of the Iranian Resistance prepared for this monster.
  2. International sanctions have now closed the last breaths and detours for the regime, forcing it to use its latest resources.
  3. Regional interference and unbridled terrorism were supposed to make a strategic depth for this regime, but now it is becoming a war of existence and has been extended to the depths of sovereignty. The same war that Khamenei warned of spreading to Hamedan and Kermanshah. The death of the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force head Qassem Soleimani has accelerated this process.
  4. The regime’s internal surgery to unify and contract it in the face of the uprising not only failed and did not also led to the ‘young and faithful government of Hezbollah’ which was Khamenei’s dream. Instead, it led to the recruitment of old infectious and cancerous glands within the system, and we are now seeing manifestations of it.
  5. The coronavirus was supposed to be a ‘blessing’ and an opportunity for this regime. However, now it is like a tsunami hovering over this criminal regime who brought this deadly virus to Iran and helped to spread it. People are now well aware that the problem is not the coronavirus but the regime.

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  6. Society’s hatred of this system and of Khamenei himself has reached its peak. Lawmaker and clergyman Mojtaba Zolnuri referred to it with the phrase ‘thousand times of the execution of Rouhani.’ Also, former president advisor Masih Mohajerani, by mocking and insulting him, reminded him of the undermining of the legitimacy of the system.
  7. All indications are that this devil is now taking its last breaths. The last roars are not a sign of his continued existence but a clear sign of mourning.

When Ali Khamenei accuses others of ‘fear’ and ‘escape’ in his latest speech, in fact, these remarks reflect his inner state. If we lay the foundation on fear, Khamenei is the first one in this regime who is terrified of this situation. The season of fear and escape for sovereignty which has spread for many years fear has now arrived.

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