Touyserkani, who was speaking for the Basij on March 6th, also said (With Defae Mogadas Agency): “We really can and we should manage the internet by believing that we ‘can’. Our culture regarding the internet is that we should not be afraid of limitations. This mindset that limitation is tantamount to being regressive is erroneous.   

We too impose restrictions. We need to impose the restrictions as noted by religion. Therefore, we need to be careful that they do not transgress the red lines with an apparently revolutionary, but in reality anti-religion guise. Revolutionary spirit means a spirit based on the religion and determined by the religion and not by the taste and opinion of others. If Khomeini wanted what others wanted he could not have given the decree of apostasy of the groups; Khomeini imposed Sharia with great ease and he was not ashamed of anyone.”

Touyserkani continued: “Our people are thirsty for religion, not the taste or preferences of others. Thus, I as a cleric and you as officers of the soft war should worry about the government and Sharia; nothing less and nothing more.”