One thing is clear, the Iranian regime is already in its death throes. About one-month people take to the streets every night to protest the regime. Now protests are expanded to 193 cities. According to figures reported by the Iranian opposition group the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), so far more than 400 people died. The names of 224 killed protesters have been published by the MEK. As days pass the protests are becoming more violent. New footage shows how aggressively the police acted against the demonstrators.

Two nights ago, clashes between prisoners and the regime jailors erupted in the regime’s infamous Evin Prison while the prisoners started to protest the regime in support of the protesting people. According to eyewitnesses, prison ward 7 is completely burned up. They reported that at least 60 people died or were injured, in the clashes in which the regime used live ammunition. While the regime’s media reported that only 4 people died.

Critics abroad warned of a bloodbath in the prison. The detainees, including countless political prisoners, are completely defenseless in this prison.

Traffic jams and system-critical protests also occurred around the prison at night, during which slogans such as ‘Death to the dictator’ could be heard again and again. Police and security forces cordoned off the area and used tear gas. Just a few days ago, a rebellion broke out in a prison in northern Iran, in which some prisoners died.

The get the protests under the control, the regime is doing anything possible to portray itself as a women-friendly system. But actions by its security forces and its propaganda apparatus have spoiled its flounders.

In an incident that led to people’s outrage across the country, the regime’s police found themselves in need of explanations because one of its officers groped a woman during the nationwide protests.

The incident was videotaped by other protesters and shared on social media. The police initially tried to portray the video as a recording manipulated by opponents of the regime, but in fear, it ultimately had to admit the incident.

A PR campaign on Vali Asr Square in central Tehran was just as embarrassing for the system. A huge advertising banner with pictures of 50 women should recognize their achievements for the country. From the point of view of the critics, however, the actual goal was to show that the regime is not misogynistic.

But shortly thereafter, some of the women — as well as the families of the deceased — demanded that their images be removed. The system has no right to use these people for propaganda without permission to undermine the women’s movement against discrimination. After the embarrassing PR disaster, those responsible had to remove the banner and replace it with an imageless poster.

For the fifth week in a row, large numbers of people took to the streets in the country on Sunday despite the authorities’ violent crackdown on demonstrators and massive restrictions on internet access.

At a demonstration at Shariati University in the capital, Tehran, women shouted slogans like ‘The mullahs must get lost.’ Other protests were reported from Isfahan and Kermanshah, among others.

Below is the report about the 32nd (October 17) of the nationwide protests:


Students of Tehran University of Medical Sciences – School of Dentistry held a protest gathering and chanted slogans against the regime’s security forces.

“Proud students; strike,” students of the Islamic Azad University—Pardis Unit chant.

“Basiji; get out,” students of the Medical Sciences Faculty of Tehran University chant.

“We don’t need an incompetent dean,” students of Tehran Medical Sciences University—Dental Faculty chant.

“Death to the oppressor; be it the Shah or Supreme Leader [Khamenei],” a brave woman writes on a wall.

Yazd, central Iran

Protesters chanted “Death to the dictator!” in their anti-regime rallies that continued after midnight local time.

Locals continued their anti-regime protests after midnight local time.

Kish Island, southern Iran

Protesters chant “Death to the dictator!” well into the night and after midnight.

Ardabil, northwest Iran

Students of the Ardabil University of Medical Technology were attacked by the regime’s security forces. This is the 32nd day of the nationwide uprising.

Shahrekord, central Iran

Students of Islamic Azad University chanting: “For whoever is killed, there are one thousand more [rising]!”

Karaj, West of Tehran

Reports indicate inmates in the prison yard of Qezel Hesar Prison are chanting “Death to Khamenei!” 50 members of the regime’s anti-riot units are on the rooftops shooting at the protesting inmates.

Hormozgan, South Iran

“Mullahs must get lost,” high schoolgirls chant in Bandar Kong.

Razavi Khorasan, Northeast Iran

Defiant youths in Mashhad set an oppressive forces’ kiosk ablaze.

Merchants of the Saadi Mall in Mashhad are on strike.

Merchants of Vakilabad Bazaar in Mashhad are on strike.

Alborz, North Iran

Authorities sound alarms at the notorious Ghezel Hesar prison. Political protesters reportedly chant “Death to Khamenei” in the yard. The prison chief fires into the air with a Winchester gun to intimidate them.

Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari, Southwest Iran

“We don’t need supporters; join us” and “One thousand people are behind every slain protester,” Shahrekord’s Islamic Azad University students chant.

“Freedom, freedom, freedom, ” Shahrekord’s Islamic Azad University students chant.

Bushehr, West  Iran

“Death to the oppressor; be it the Shah or Supreme Leader [Khamenei],” Khalij-e Fars University students chant.

“Being neutral is a disgrace,” Khalij-e Fars University students chant.

“They shot our back and burnt Evin,” Khalij-e Fars University students chant.

Kurdistan, West Iran

“Death to the dictator,” high school students chant in Sanandaj.

Mazandaran, North Iran

“Proud professors; support,” students of the Mazandaran University chant in Babolsar.

Sanandaj, western Iran

Locals continued the nationwide protests against the regime on the 32nd night of the uprising.

Locals continuing the nationwide protests against the regime in Sanandaj.

Piranshahr, northwest Iran

Locals are taking control of their streets. Some activists are describing the city as a “war zone”.

Additional footage of locals continuing the nationwide protests against the regime on the 32nd night of the uprising.

More footage of locals continuing the nationwide protests against the regime on the 32nd night of the uprising.

Locals are continuing the nationwide protests against the regime on the 32nd night of the uprising.