Sadegh Larijani, the chief official of the clerical regime’s judiciary, made the threats on Tuesday, June 26th, the third day of the strike of the merchants at Tehran’s Grand Bazaar and resulting popular protests. He referred to the protests as “riots” and the protesters as “disruptors in the economic system,” threatening decisive action and execution of the protesters, saying:

“These acts have severe penalties as a disruption to the economic system of the country under the law of disturbing the country’s economic system. It has been seen that, if this is a case of corruption, the execution would be carried out and, if not, it would be 20 years’ imprisonment.

“We have widespread knowledge that yesterday’s riots are the work of others. Those who disrupt, who break the glass of the shops and set up fire will be dealt with decisive action.”

Iran regime’s Judiciary Chief threatens Bazaar merchants who take part in Protests with execution

The protesters who were described by this criminal mullah as “those who disturb the economy of the country” are the same people whose lives have been destroyed by the regime’s corrupt policies and financial mismanagement of the country’s economy. While the regime threatens those who protest its policies with death, Khamenei, the Revolutionary Guards, and other leaders and gangs of the regime plunder Iran’s wealth and capital, leaving the Iranian people to live in poverty.

Also today, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi, Tehran’s criminal prosecutor, announced the arrest of a large number of protesters. The regime refuses to release the protesters and says that decisive action will be taken against them. In his announcement, Dolatabadi said:

“Last night, a large number of rioters in the market were identified and arrested … These defendants, like the defendants in the January and March (2018) will not be released until their trial. The authorities will not give in in dealing with the riots and insecurities “(ISNA news agency – June 26).

The NCRI’s President-elect and leader of the Iranian opposition, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, responded to the remarks by Mullah Larijani about decisive actions against the protesters, including the death penalty, saying that these statements reflect the inhumane nature of Larijani and his Supreme Leader, Khamenei. She further issued a call to action to the United Nations, emphasizing that these statements are in flagrant violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and many other international conventions, including the Convention on Civil and Political Rights, and that the United Nations Security Council should act promptly.

Mrs. Rajavi further urged the Security Council, the United Nations Human Rights Council and other international human rights organizations to strongly condemn the threats of the head of the clerical judiciary for execution of the protesters and to act to release the detainees.

Mullah Larijani’s threats and the arrest of protesters come days before the “Free Iran” rally in Paris. The annual event, held on June 30th this year, is organized by the NCRI and MEK and is particularly important this year in light of the popular uprising currently taking place in Iran. The Free Iran convention will attract tens of thousands of members and supporters of the Iranian opposition and will feature government officials, politicians, and dignitaries from both sides of the Atlantic. Maryam Rajavi will deliver the keynote address, in which she will discuss her plan for the future of a free and democratic Iran.

More information about the Free Iran convention may be found here. #FreeIran