Armed raid to Ashraf – 11
The Criminal SWAT forces have fired coup de grace to 9 wounded in Ashraf Clinic.
The Martyrs count reaches 51 people

9 wounded from the fifth massacre of Ashraf were machine gunned by the criminal SWAT forces and coup de grace was fired on each one of them. These martyrs are: Ashghar Emadi, Shahram Yaseri, Saiid Noori, Seyed Ali Seyed Ahmadi, Siroos Fathi, Heidar Garmabi, Koorosh Saiidi, Ali Feyz Shabangahi and Hamid Saberi.

The massacre of the defenseless and unarmed people and firing coup de grace to the wounded whose hands were tied from behind is a clear act of Crime against Humanity and those who ordered and those who carried out this crime should be tried and punished.

Thus, the number of martyrs of the massacre has reached 52.

The National Council of Resistance Secretariat.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

September 1, 2013