Since last night, Brig. General Jamil Shemry, chief of Diyala police, along with a number of the most criminal officers of the Iraq’s Prime Ministry, were stationed in Ashraf to command the fifth massacre. One of these officers is Capt. Heydar Azab, who has been summoned by the Spanish court for his involvement in previous two massacres in Ashraf. 

Attacking forces in some of Ashraf buildings first fired RPG7 rockets inside rooms and then shot the people in those rooms. At least in five instances they arrested residents first and handcuffed them from behind then fired on them. 

The Iranian resistance calls on the United Nations and specifically the Security Council and the US government, who have direct responsibility for the protection of residents of Ashraf and Liberty, to urgently act. 

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

September 1, 2013