“Free Iran is right,” Mukasey began his speech. He then talked about the changes that have occurred during the year that has passed since the last gathering.
He said, “I think it’s fair to say that we are grateful for what’s happened. In a sense we’re in an entirely new and better place. And just so that everybody understands who I mean when I say we are in a better place, I mean everybody who wants to see regime change in Iran in general, and the MEK in particular.”

He called the removal of our good friends who were trapped in a camp that was ironically named Liberty, and who are now out of danger, an immediate source of gratitude. “And that happened,” he said, “thanks to the courage and to the hospitality of the Albanian nation and the Albanian people to whom we are and will remain eternally grateful.”

Mukasey discussed the summit meeting in Riyadh last May, where the United States and the Arab states in the Middle East and joined together to recognize that, in the words of President Trump, the Iranian regime’s longest-suffering victims are its own people. He said that that, “Now comes the hard part”. Countries must join together to delegitimize the Iranian regime, to isolate it internationally, to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization, and to take other steps that will bring about the pressure, both form inside and from outside Iran, to get rid of the regime.

According to Mukasey, the best way to do that, is to align with the Iranian resistance so as to make it clear to the citizens of Iran that the world’s quarrel is not with them, but with the Iranian leadership.

The daring publicity campaign within Iran staged by PMOI members has provided an example and a tool. They’ve urged regime change and posted photos of Mrs. Rajavi, along with slogans opposing the clerical regime. They’ve also written slogans on walls to support this gathering. Mukasey said we must ”… ensure that the energy behind that effort remains focused on the goal of regime change. Now that Arab states including the premier Sunni state of Saudi Arabia are focused on the danger from Iran, even to the point of two years in a row having sent a representative of the royal family to this gathering. We must join together with them and with the entire civilized world, in changing the uncivilized regime in Iran and in Tehran now that we have government in power in both the United States and Saudi Arabia and elsewhere who are willing to do it.”