The people of Iran know that if they are ever to be free, the regime must be overthrown.

They have made this clear. In December of last year, the rage and resentment of the people drove them into the streets, where they have stayed. Protests have been held daily since December, with chants of “Death to the Dictator!” and “Death to the Supreme Leader!” heard as recently as yesterday.

In Iran, protesters take a huge risk when they rally on the streets. Protesters are often injured during demonstrations. Suppressive forces have been known to fire upon protesters. Mass arrests are common, and once arrested, detainees may be held in inhumane conditions indefinitely, interrogated, and even tortured. Political prisoners are sometimes executed by the regime.

Despite these risks, the people of Iran continue to protest every day for regime change. The prospect of death is not enough to deter them from seeking a path to freedom.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and the MEK, the NCRI’s largest member, are the main opposition to the Iranian regime. Together, they stand with the Iranian people, helping to organize their resistance efforts inside Iran.  The NCRI and MEK also helps carry word to Iranians of work being done on their behalf by those outside of the country.

The “Free Iran” Rally With MEK and NCRI

Tomorrow, June 30th, is the NCRI’s annual Free Iran gathering in Paris. This event traditionally attracts tens of thousands of members of the Iranian opposition and its supporters from around the world. Each year the event grows. 

This year’s event is unique in that it occurs in the wake of the mass uprising currently taking place across Iran. The country is at a crossroads, and regime change is within reach. The people support change, and they are capable of achieving that change, but they also need the support of the international community.

Advocating for regime change is in the best interest of the international community. Replacing the clerical regime with a secular democracy that is committed to peace and stability will begin to resolve the conflicts in the region. Iran is a player in all of the major crises in the Middle East, in one way or another. It is also the number one state sponsor of terror. It is good policy to advocate for a democratic alternative to the current regime.

The Iranian regime is well aware that it is at its end and is desperately trying to keep its grip on its power. One year ago, the regime was showing weakness. Today, it is holding on by a thread.

The NCRI and MEK has widespread support both within and outside of Iran. The MEK also has a vast underground network inside Iran.

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the NCRI, and keynote speaker of the Free Iran event, has called upon the people of Iran to continue their protests until the regime topples.

The last piece of the puzzle is more support from the international community. The Iranian regime routinely and systematically violates human rights and must be sanctioned and condemned for these acts. The international community must not stand by while the regime commits these atrocities. The people of Iran deserve to be free.