Some analysts believe that force should be used, some believe that appeasement should continue towards Iran, but at the rally a peaceful solution was emphasised. There is no need for war and there is no need for appeasement because a peaceful solution exists. A democratic alternative is ready to bring freedom to the oppressed people who will finally be able to enjoy human rights that they have be cruelly denied for decades.

The emphasized that the opposition is the only viable alternative to the ruling dictatorship and the speakers emphasised that the international community is starting to realise this too. It also emphasised that the Iranian regime is weaker than ever.

The leader of the Iranian Resistance, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, also pointed out that the Iranian people are fed up with the clerical regime. In the run-up to the recent presidential election in Iran, many people in Iran bravely participated in bold acts that could have resulted in them being arrested, imprisoned, tortured or even executed. They urged people to boycott the regime and put up posters of Rajavi around several cities.

Senators, Ambassadors and politicians from the United States agreed that the Trump administration was going to ensure that the Iran threat would be dealt with properly and concurred that Iran is at the centre of all issues in the Middle East. Democrats and Republicans came together and agreed on this.

Since taking office, President Trump has been tested by the Iranian regime on numerous occasions. However, following a long period of appeasement towards Iran from the Obama administration, President Trump has acted consistently and made it very clear that he will not accept any threatening behaviour from Iran.

The Trump administration is currently carrying out a thorough foreign policy review with regards to Iran and it is hoped by many that it will consider the best option for the future of the Iranian regime is peaceful regime change.

Rajavi stressed that the people of Iran are the ones who can ensure that regime change actually happens and she paid tribute to the thousands of martyrs who died while trying.

Most importantly, the speakers said that regime change is getting closer and highlighted the progress that has been made over the years.