Last week, two Iranians in the US were arrested for spying for the Regime and charged in the United States Federal Court. According to the US Justice Department, Ahmadreza Mohammadi Doostdar, 38, and Majid Ghorbani, 59, were charged with “knowingly acting as agents of the government of Iran without prior notification to the Attorney General, providing services to Iran in violation of US sanctions, and conspiracy”.

This came only a few weeks after European authorities discovered a terror plot by the Iranian Regime, organised by its terrorist diplomat in Vienna, to bomb the Iranian Resistance’s Free Iran rally in Paris. Thankfully, the diplomat and his accomplices were arrested before the terror attack could take place and they are being held in prison in Germany and Belgium respectively.

That again, came only a couple of weeks after Germany’s domestic intelligence agency conducted an investigation on Iranian spying activities in Germany. The German federal prosecutor’s office ordered the police to carry out raids on properties linked to suspected Iranian spies.

This is ironic, considering that the Iranian Regime repeatedly accuses other countries of spying on Iran – a clear attempt to present the mullahs as victims in the Middle East – to the extent of arresting and torturing environmental activists who were researching the endangered Persian tigers or imprisoning dual nationals who were holidaying in Tehran.

So, as always, the Iranian Regime has been accusing the rest of the world of something that they are doing. In fact, Iran’s Minister of Intelligence even admitted in 2017 that there is a covert group in the US working to advance the Regime’s interests.

Who is Iran spying on?

• Western politicians
• Jewish communities
• The Iranian opposition
Iran’s espionage campaigns will only endanger the national security of other countries and the groups that they target, but their consistent targeting of the Iranian Resistance shows how much the Regime fears the Resistance.

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh wrote: “Iranian leaders fear the soft power of the opposition more than the hard power of foreign countries. It is likely that the Iranian regime has a much larger number of spies overseas than just those who have been arrested so far. Iran must be held accountable for blatantly violating the sovereignty of other nations through its agents and spies.”