“A paintball Tournament is one of the programs to increase the level of preparedness of the IRGC personnel and Basij militia forces for battles,” Bidgeli said.

According to Basij press, the regime will review the tactics of urban war in IRGC’s  paintball tournament in Tehran. “Paintball exercise is done by two approaches. The approach we have focused on is addressing the paintball combat techniques and also considering the tactics of urban war,” Bigdeli said. 

In Isfahan, farmers protested against water shortage. On Friday August15, during the Friday prayer, a number of farmers chanted slogans and expressed anger towards the regime’s policy of shutting down the water supply to farmers. The regime has refused to allow the farmers to receive what the described as their share of water for their farms. The regime’s agents tried to silece the farmers and cover up their protest by screamin



In Tehran, shop owners continued their strike.
The equipment and tools shop owners’ guild strike was continuing as of Saturday, August 16. They are protesting against tax extortion and heavy taxation by the regime. Their strike started last week. In addition, the ironmongers of Tehran’s Shahabad Bazaar staged a strike on Saturday August 16 and closed down their stores. They are also protesting against regime’s tax extortion and heavy taxation. g and chanting “God is great,” but the farmers continued their protest.

Also in Tehran, workers protested against job insecurity. A number of CNG Saipa factory workers staged a strike on Tuesday, August 12 protesting against the regime’s refusal to officially hire these workers. They are concerned about job security and being fired or laid off without pay like many other workers who have been fired in recent months despite several years of service. Also on August 12, workers of Gach Sepidan factory started a strike protesting against two months of unpaid wages. 

Clash between citizens supreesive agents continues in different parts of Tehran.

According to reports from inside Iran, on Saturday, August 16, residents of the Ali Abad neighborhood, a district of Tehran, clashed with the police. The incident started when the suppressive security agents raided people’s homes to collect satellite dishes.  

On Friday, August 15, a number of young people clashed with security agents who were harassing them in a public park called “Velayat Tehran.” One officer was severely beaten.

In the vegetable market square of Lavisan, another district of Tehran, a number of people protested against skyrocketing prices and clashed with the regime’s plainclothes and security agents who entered the square to suppress the initially peaceful protest.

In Shariati Street, after encountering resistance and clashing with the youths, the security agents asked the police centers to dispatch more police officers and security agents to take the injured agents away from the scene. Similar clashes occurred in Marzdaran and Sattar-Khan streets.

Youths protested against police harassment and suppressive measures in various other parts of the country, as well.

In Iranshahr, youths attacked police department. Angry youths of Iranshahr, south-east Iran, broke windows of the city’s police department in a protest at midnight on Friday, Aug


ust 15. The Iranian regime’s agents had long evaded their responsibility for the issuance of driving licenses and certification of vehicle changes, sparking anger among the youths.

In Isfahan, youths clashed with security officers. On Thursday August 14 during a match between Sepahan and Esteghlal football teams in Fouladshahr stadium near Isfahan, youths who were angered by police harrasement chanted slogans against the supressive agents and clashed with them.