In it, he outlines how the Regime wants to preserve the flawed deal through any means necessary, whilst Iranian Resistance groups, like the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK), and the Iranian people want the deal to fail in order to bring about regime change in Iran.

MEK supports scrapped trade deals

When the US withdrew from the nuclear deal on May 8, a move that was greatly supported by the MEK, European companies had to decide between trading with Iran and risking heavy US sanctions or cutting ties altogether.

Many companies have righty chosen to cut their ties with the terrorist regime, which is the right thing to do for their business and also for the Iranian people. The reason is that by cutting the amount of money that the Regime gets, it will reduce the amount that they can spend on having their suppressive security forces silence the Iranian people for protesting the Regime or joining the MEK.

Regime’s begs and threats

The Regime has attempted to salvage the deal, with Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei pleading with the European Union to “make up for Iran’s losses” by increasing their trade with Iran.

But at the same time, the Regime has started work on a new centrifuge-assembly centre at Natanz – one of the many secret nuclear sites that the MEK exposed to the West in 2002 – and ordered the increased enrichment of uranium. This was designed to threaten Europe into complying with Regime demands rather than work in the best interests of the Iranian people or regional and international peace.

Flawed Deal

The JCPOA was flawed from the start, giving favourable conditions to the mullahs, but not much to anyone else. In fact, it gave the mullahs 150 billion USD from frozen accounts right off the bat, which was spent on destabilizing the Middle East, supporting terrorism, and targeting MEK members and supporters, rather than anything that could help the people.

Domestic violence

The Regime’s crimes against their own people are infamous, whether they’re cracking down on dissidents and public protests or kidnapping dual nationals.

Iran is currently being taken over by the people’s uprising, which was organised by the MEK and participated in by people from all walks of life. The Regime has brutally cracked down on the Iranian protesters, killing 50 in the streets, arresting over 8,000, and even torturing some to death in prison.

This violent suppression of the people’s human rights has been condemned by human rights organizations, international governments, and the MEK, but the Regime has not stopped.

Despite the brutality, the Iranian people have not stopped either. They are continuously out in the streets calling for regime change with the encouragement of the MEK.
A silent Europe

Despite this terrible situation, Europe has failed to cut ties with the Regime and seems intent on placing trade deals above human lives.

Both Stevenson, the MEK, and the leader of the Iranian Resistance, Maryam Rajavi, have called on the EU to acknowledge the situation and join the US by withdrawing from the nuclear deal.

Stevenson urges the EU to back the Iranian people and the MEK rather than the Regime, by abandoning a deeply flawed deal.