But let’s first look at why the Iranian Regime is in chaos.

Growing social unrest

As mentioned, the Iranian Regime’s values are in direct opposition to that of the people who strongly feel that the MEK and NCRI better represent them. While the Iranian people champion fairness, equality, and democracy, the Regime champions cruelness and autocracy.

The Iranian people have taken part in near-constant protests for over a year-and-a-half now, usually chanting MEK slogans, putting up posters of MEK leaders, and being helped to organise by MEK resistance units throughout the country. The country is on the brink on revolt.

A strong alternative

In most countries ruled by despots, there is no valid alternative to the current rulers and many people fear that their nation would descend into civil war. In Iran, the MEK has been the alternative since the start of the mullahs’ regime and have a long, proud history of working with the Iranian people and the rest of the world. This means the MEK could take over tomorrow and Iran would be a more stable country for getting rid of its bloodthirsty rulers, not a less stable one.

The Regime knows this, which is why they try to destroy the MEK at every possible opportunity through propaganda, dirty politics, and even terrorist plots. Thankfully, all of this has failed and the MEK remains strong.

An end to appeasement

Another key reason that the Iranian Regime is floundering is that the rest of the world is beginning to wake up to the idea that the MEK is a viable alternative to the Regime, so they are beginning to end their appeasement of the mullahs.

For four decades, the West has largely turned a blind eye to the mullahs various malign behaviours, including human rights abuses, nuclear and missile programs, and regional aggression. But now, largely led by the United States, countries are beginning to stand up to the Iran Regime and show support for the MEK.

This means that Iran has two options: end its malign activities or increase hostilities.

The only problem is that it will not do the former, despite it being the most logical and easily obtainable force, because Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei believes that a change in behaviour is tantamount to a change in regime. And the latter means that the Regime will further isolate itself and this will inevitably lead to internal collapse because of economic failure and social rebellion.

The Regime is instead stalling for time and hoping that the 2020 US elections will lead to a change in policy, but there is no guarantee for that and it may not matter. Hopefully soon enough the Iranian Resistance together with Iranian people may well be in control of Iran anyway.