Photos and footage of the massacre in Ashraf leave no uncertainty about perpetration of crime against humanity and extrajudicial executions

•Necessity for urgent action by United Nations and United States 

Photos and footage of martyrs of massacre of Ashraf residents leave no doubt that this criminal attack is a crime against humanity as well as a clear example of extrajudicial execution. Occurrence of this barbaric massacre requires the U.S. government and UN with responsibility to protect Ashraf and Liberty residents to show immediate reaction. The photos and footages enclosed demonstrate:

1. Patients transferred to the clinic inside Ashraf were machine gunned and killed by the attackers in that very clinic.

2. Photos and footages show that most have been killed by being shot in the head.

3. Some of the photos and video clips show that some of the residents have been shot and killed while their hands were handcuffed from behind.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

September 1, 2013