Sadly, many others don’t know her story or what she stands for. Even more upsetting, some are swayed by the lies of the Iranian Regime about Maryam Rajavi and her movement. That is why we’re here to set the record straight with this short series on Maryam Rajavi’s life, achievements, and goals.

In our last part, we discussed her early life, how she became involved with the Iranian Resistance, her ascendency to the presidency, and an overview of her values. Here we will discuss her anti-fundamentalist views and her idea for toppling the Regime.


As far back as 1994, just one year after becoming the President of the Iranian Resistance, Maryam Rajavi warned the world about the dangers of religious tyranny and Islamic fundamentalism that stem from Iran.

In Oslo City Hall Maryam Rajavi said: “Fundamentalism has turned into the greatest threat to peace in the region and the world… The mullahs ruling Iran are pursuing their expansionist agenda and exporting crises and tensions by exploiting the religious beliefs of over a billion Muslims.”

This was expanded upon in Maryam Rajavi’s 1996 speech at London’s Earls Court, entitled “Women, the Voice of the Oppressed”, where she explained that fundamentalism and misogyny go hand in hand.

Maryam Rajavi said: “The issue of women and the equality movement is linked to the struggle against reactionary ideology and fundamentalism. For women are not only pioneers in the equality movement, but also the main force for progress, peace and social justice. In my view, humankind can only rid itself of the evil phenomenon of reactionary outlook and fundamentalism if women would assume their leading role in this global campaign and employ all forms of democratic struggle to shut the door on all forms of appeasement of and compromise with the misogynous and inhumane mullahs in Iran.”

The third (and best) option for tackling the Regime

Almost 15 years ago, Maryam Rajavi gave a speech at the European Parliament, in which she outlined the best solution to the crises caused by the Iranian Regime.

Maryam Rajavi advised that so far, all anyone has been able to suggest is appease the mullahs with the hopes of gradually changing the mullahs’ behaviour or start a war with Iran. Neither option sounds good and the first option – something tried by the West for years – had not worked.

Maryam Rajavi said: “I have come here today to say that there is a third option: Change brought about by the Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance. If foreign obstacles are removed, the Iranian people and their Resistance are prepared and have the power to bring about change.”

She said that this is the only way to prevent external wars as no concession is going to convince the mullahs to abandon their ominous objectives.

In our next piece, we will learn about Maryam Rajavi’s advocacy for the Iranian Resistance.