Iranian regime’s Basij chief reveals mullahs’ role in forming terrorist groups in Egypt

Iraqi media reveal documents indicating Iran being behind recent bombings

INU- Mohammad Reza Naghdi, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards and head of the Basij forces, unveiled the role of the religious fascism ruling Iran in forming terrorist groups in Egypt and the regime’s plans to expand these currents by taking advantage of the status quo in Egypt.


“Resistance groups in Egypt have been formed to topple the Zionist regime. As Hezbollah was formed after the attack against Lebanon, and Hamas and Islamic Jihad after Palestine was targeted, today resistance groups and forces are established from the current chaos in Egypt that will topple Israel,” he said in a demagogic language.

“Today bombings and killings in Iraq, the martyrdom of Shiites in Egypt, imposing a civil war and portraying the utmost ruthlessness and crimes in Syria are all taking place led by the Wahhabis, the Salafists and Bahais, and the source of all this is in Haifa and Tel Aviv. Thus, the Zionist regime must be wiped out as a cancer tumor,” he said deviously.

This is while forces dispatched in the thousands by the IRGC to Syria and crime against humanity against the defenseless people of this country, especially the women and children, have provoked hatred and abhorrence across the Muslim world against the ruling mullahs’. Mullah Mehdi Taeb, one of Khamenei’s inner circle, said in February 2013, “Syria is Iran’s 35th province and if we lose it we will not be able to maintain Tehran.”

The criminal Basij chief sheds crocodile tears for the Iraqi people while Iraqi media outlets on July 28th published a document from inside Maliki’s government.

“Iran is providing magnetic bombs for al-Qaeda to use in Iraq,” they wrote. This Ministry of Interior document was issued on 19 June 2013 and stipulates, “The management of the Ministry of Interior Operations … informed us… in this month (June) that a large amount of magnetic explosives entered Iraq from Iran through the Zorbatiyia border region in the province of Wasit… These magnetic explosives have been received by logistics groups linked to the terrorist al-Qaeda organization and dispersed in all provinces,”… By covering up this news and documents, Maliki’s government is attempting to cloak Iran’s role in these crimes.

To this day the Iranian Resistance has time and again revealed the role of the Quds Force in terrorist operations in Iraq. The Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran on 26 April 2013 revealed the terrorist Quds Force has missioned its associated operational groups and terrorist teams to target Sunni mosques and centers in various Iraqi provinces and districts with car bombs, IEDs and mortar fire. Protest camps and anti-government demonstrations in Baghdad and other provinces are also among the targets stated. This criminal operation is taking place in coordination and the assistance of the Iraqi government forces.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

30 July 2013