This quote comes from Heshmat Alavi, political and rights activist and freelance writer focusing on Iran, and blogger  at IranCommentary.  In his article for the Daily Caller on December 15, he writes about Iran’s interference in the

wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and now in Lebanon. 

The silence of the international community, and its failure to hold Iran accountable has perpetuated Iran’s involvement in the campaigns in Syria and Iraq, and the targeting of Sunni communities through its support of Shiites. Alavi writes that Iran is behind “the ‘Popular Mobilization Forces’, or Hashd al-Shaabi in Iraq, currently involved in the Mosul onslaught,” and adds, “Aleppo is also another example needing no further explanation.” 

U.S. President Barack Obama’s toward Iran was one of appeasement, encouraging the international community to follow suit.   

Iran has even spread the promotion of Shiite Islam into Africa and Asia, aiming to establish communities there. One example can be seen in Nigeria.