“Iran is stifling a United Nations investigation of its alleged storage of nuclear equipment and radioactive material,” the Wall Street Journal reported on September 2.

“The secret establishment of the site and the storage of radioactive material there was likely a breach of Iran’s international so-called safeguards commitments to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and material, a key pillar of the global nonproliferation system,” WSJ reported.

Within the past few days, Iran’s regime has officially spoken of breaching its commitments under the terms of the JCPOA. Instead of responding to Iran’s regime belligerent behavior, European powers are trying to cajole the regime with further concessions.

On September 3, the New York Times reported that “A senior Iranian delegation arrived in Paris on Monday to work out the details of a financial bailout package that France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, intends to use to compensate Iran for oil sales lost to American sanctions” and “Iranian press reports and a senior American official say that the core of the package is a $15 billion letter of credit.”

These weak approaches happen while Iran continues posing threats to the peace and stability in the region and pursuing its long-sought dream of obtaining nuclear bombs.