The Iranian theocracy’s hopes for a favorable outcome in the U.S. elections and the revival of the appeasement policy have gone nowhere and have not solved any of its crises, Iran watchers say.

The situation for this regime is getting worse day by day. Iranian officials’ dream of returning overnight to the 2015 nuclear deal, formally knows as The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), has now faded and is replaced by a mixture of fear, pessimism, despair, and doubt.

This whisper is now being heard among government officials who say that the new U.S. administration’s policies on the JCPOA are a continuation of the previous administration’s policies.

“’The statements of Blinken and Biden and other officials of the new U.S. administration are a repetition of Pompeo’s 12 brazen conditions against Iran,” the state-run daily Keyhan affiliated with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei wrote on January 30, 2021.

“Do They Let You Down?”

Keyhan, recalling Khamenei’s remarks on October 19, 2016, about the outcomes of a second and third JCPOA and the endless decline of the dark landscape in the face of the clerical dictatorship.

“This is what I have said over and over again; I told officials both in private meetings and in public meetings here that [do you think] if you back down on the nuclear issue, your problem with the United States will end?” the daily added.

“No sir, the missile issue arises: Why do you have a missile. Disappointed with the issue of missiles, they bring up the issue of resistance, why do you support Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestine. If you solve this issue, you retreat, another case arises, [for example] a human rights case arises. If you settle the issue of human rights and you say very well, we will act according to your criteria in human rights, the issue of the interference of religion in the state apparatus [arises]. Do they let you down?” Keyhan wrote.

Iran’s Human Rights Situation in 2020

Another daily affiliated with Khamenei’s faction speaks of a ‘strategic redefinition of the nuclear program,’ which is a pseudonym for endless retaliation of the regime’s missile and regional JCPOAs.

“Biden’s position shows that Iran needs a strategic redefinition of its nuclear program if the U.S. continues to insist on its Iran first policy,” Javan daily wrote on the same day.

In the next lines, this daily gives a clearer picture of this ‘strategic redefinition.’ “The conditional return of the United States to fulfill Iran’s obligations was only part of the U.S. Secretary of State’s speech. Blinken emphasized that the United States would do the same if Iran returned to its obligations under the JCPOA. He added that only after the two sides return to the JCPOA, will the United States seek a longer-term, stronger agreement.

‘There is a long way to go before an agreement is reached with Iran, said the U.S. Secretary of State. He added that this agreement could pave the way for a longer agreement that would address other tensions in relations with Iran,” Javan added on January 30, 2021.

The situation for the regime is more is unfortunate than previously thought, and the regime must drink much more from the ‘poisonous chalice’ if it seeks to lift sanctions. In other words, the state-run daily Siasat-e Rooz predicts the dark future of their ruling system.

“The point is that the Americans will not return to the JCPOA to lift the sanctions but will pursue the sanctions in the form of a new executive order, and then add new identities to it, such as the nuclear identifier, the identities of terrorism, human rights, and so on,” the daily wrote.

“This is the time when the U.S. policymakers say, these are not in the JCPOA, and now that the United States is back to the JCPOA, these sanctions are other sanctions! Well, you want these to be resolved. Now let us sit down and talk about each of these. Then, like the argument that Trump followed, he says, these are the levers of maximum pressure in my hand, now let us talk one by one,” Siasat-e Rooz concluded.

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